About Image of Tiff with kids TiffsArt is drawn by artist
Stephanie Nelhams, who has been
drawing 'Loved Ones' for the past
10 years, whilst bringing up her
3 children with her husband Paul.
She is 35 and has been happily
married to Paul for 15 years.

With her 3 daughters and
numerous nieces and nephews
and her belief in family life shows
through her signature range.

Stephanie has been known as Tiff by
her friends and family since a young
age, hence the name TiffsArt!

Tiff gets great feedback which has
often lead new customers to her
via word of mouth.
Most of Tiffs business is done via
her Facebook page and online shop.

Tiff is constantly expanding her products, including her Greeting Card range. In 2014 attended The Ladder Club seminar and the exhibited all of her cards at PG Live, in 2015. Please get in touch if you would like to be sent out a brochure and order form.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Tiff via the Contact Us form link at the top of the page.